Professional Resources

Here you can find general information about open access as well as resources for scholars and authors. 

General Resources

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Education Research

Coonin, Bryna & Younce, Leigh M. (2010). Publishing in open access education journals: the author’s perspective. Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian 29:2, 118-132.

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Resources for Scholars and Authors 

CARL: Open Access Resources for Researchers

SPARC Canadian Author’s Addendum
The addendum is designed to help author’s protect their rights to their articles and comply with the open access policies of their universities and funding agencies. It can be attached to a publication agreement. See also the brochure on how to use the Canadian Author’s Addendum

SSHRC: Open Access 

Canadian Tri-Council (SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC): Comprehensive Brief on Open Access to Publications and Research Data for the Federal Granting Agencies (June 2011)

SPARC Open Access Newsletter
A monthly newsletter authored by Peter Suber.

Provides information on depositing articles in open access institutional repositories as well as publishers’ and funding agencies’ policies on copyright and self-archiving. Both resources are projects of SHERPA Services at the University of Nottingham.